Castle Arch Real Estate Investment Company, LLC
Case #11-35082 JTM (Lead Case)

Affiliated Entities

Case #11-32237 - CAOP Managers, LLC
Case #11-35240 - Castle Arch Opportunity Partners I, LLC
Case #11-35241 - Castle Arch Opportunity Partners II, LLC
Case #11-35242 - Castle Arch Kingman, LLC
Case #11-35246 - Castle Arch Smyrna, LLC
Case #11-35243 - Castle Arch Secured Development Fund, LLC
(Jointly Administered)


All real and personal property have now been liquidated. The remaining assets remaining including certain remaining litigation claims including the Insider/Former Management litigation being prosecuted by the Trustee in Utah District Court.

On June 18, 2012, the Trustee engaged and subsequently submitted a motion to the Bankruptcy Court to employ Commerce Real Estate Solutions ("Commerce") as its real estate broker to sell certain real property and water rights owned by CAREIC and/or its related affiliates. The Bankruptcy Court issued an Order approving the employment of Commerce on July 25, 2012. The identified real property to be sold include approximately: (a) 348 acres in Tooele, Utah; (b) 534 acres in Kingman, Arizona; (c) 484 acres in Smyrna, Tennessee; and 39 acres in Thayne, Wyoming.

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